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Asama Sandayu

Sandayū Asama (浅間三太夫, Asama Sandayū) appears in Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. He acted as a personal assistant for Yukie Fujikaze. Later it was revealed that he was once part of the 50th Brigade.
Sandayū hired Team Kakashi to escort Yukie to the Land of Snow. He suggested this location to Yukie's movie director so that he could bring her back to the land and make her the heiress of the throne which Dotō Kazahana had stolen. When they reached the Land of Snow Dotō arrived at the movie set. Later, Sandayū led a group of samurai to attack Dotō, in the hopes of avenging the late daimyō Sōsetsu Kazahana, Dotō's brother and Koyuki's father, which the latter killed te years ago. However, Dotō's ninja subordinates launched multiple waves of kunai from their mortar-mounted train compartments, massacring the entire brigade. Sandayū managed to tell Koyuki not to cry for him with his dying breath.

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