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Akane (アカネ, Akane) was a bully who stole Pochi from Inari.
After he lost interest in Pochi, Akane threw him into the sea. When Inari hesitated to go in and save him, Akane pushed him in too. Although Inari started to drown, Akane and his friends left. After Kaiza saved Inari, he gave Akane a stern talking to.
In the anime, when Inari went to go return a coupon to Naruto, he runs into Akane and his friends. Knowing that Team 7 finished their mission, Akane and his friends decide to bully Inari again. Zōri and Waraji hear this and kidnap Inari, along with Akane and his friends. Akane and his friends are scared and crying for their lives of what the thugs will do to them except Inari who tells them crying won't solve anything and manages to free them. He tells Akane and his friends to notify the villagers while he distracts the thugs. Akane and his friends run into Naruto and Sasuke who then rescue Inari and stop the thugs along with the villagers. Akane apologises to Inari for bullying him, realising he was wrong about him and they become friends. He is now a carpenter and is helping the rebuilding of Konoha after its destruction by Pain.

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