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Akimichi Choji Mother

She is the mother of Chōji Akimichi and the wife of Chōza Akimichi.
She is a full-bodied woman with short dark hair and eyes which are accentuated by very faint markings at each corner. She also wear a light shade of lipstick along with a high collared purple blouse with gold trimmings, a pair of pants, and heeled shoes.
According to Shikamaru, she is a nice woman, who lets Chōji eat what he pleases. She is also very caring as shown when she fusses over Shikamaru's well being after Asuma's death while she was on the brink of tears.
She first appears when Shikamaru goes to the Akimichi household. She comforts Shikamaru over Asuma's death.

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